Black Widow Hunt Application


Thank you for your interest in the I Do Wedding Network Hunt. The hunt will be held October 4th to October 18th, 2014.

The Black Widow is known as having dangerous aspects of its personality, especially the feminine ones. It also symbolizes dark powers, unknown secrets and hidden desires. We want designers and builders to have fun with this theme. It’s the Halloween season and this hunt will be in conjunction to our Fall issue of IDWN Online Magazine which will be featuring the good, the bad, and the ugly of break ups in Second Life.

Deadline for applications is September 20th . We will have 10 sponsors and 10 vendors for a total of 20 locations.

Sponsorship price is $500 L and will include a guaranteed spot in the first 10 locations and a full page sneak peak of hunt item in Summer issue of IDWN Online Magazine. **PLEASE READ: SPONSORS WHO WISH TO BE PART OF THE SNEAK PEAK MUST HAVE PICTURES SUBMITTED BY Sept. 24th , 2014.** Please fill out the application below. Allow 24 hours for response in-world.

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