IDWN Hunts Rules

1. No business in a box, resellers, or copybotters. We will visit all applicants stores.

2. Hunt signs must be displayed upon application being accepted.

3. Must join I Do Wedding Network group or the IDWN Hunts Subscriber if not already a member. If you cannot join, you must have someone from your business join. Due to high volumes of participants, it is hard for me to always contact participants separately therefore that is why it is required.

IDWN Group:

SLURL for Subscriber:

4. Hints and pictures of gifts are mandatory. They are viewed on the blog for hunters to see.

5. Hunt objects CANNOT be hidden on vendors. No exceptions.

6. If your business is in a mall or shares a sim with other businesses a hunt trail maybe required if you CANNOT set a direct landing point. Pac will inform you if your business needs to use one. Anyone is free to use one if they like to.

7. Please follow all hunt timelines. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification from the hunt. This includes sponsors. Refunds will not be given if the sponsor fails to follow timelines.

8. Please make sure your items are original work or are from authorized builders kits.

9. Most of all, please provide nice items. This is a marketing opportunity that will help set the tone and reputation of your shop.

Any further questions or concerns please contact Pac Lorefield in-world.